Blossom & Bloom Power Coaching

1:1 social media coaching support so you can blossom & bloom online!
Do you feel like having a successful business is possible, but you’re completely overwhelmed as to how to actually get there using the power of social media?
Do you struggle to stay consistent with your content or does the thought of getting visible online fill you with overwhelm?

Do you wish someone would hold your hand throughout the process so you can attract your dream clients and increase sales whilst being your authentic self? 

I see you soul-led female entrepreneur!

I’ve walked the path you’re walking on today and I know exactly how it feels.

Tell me, does this sound like you…

It’s time for you to Blossom & Bloom!

Let’s talk socials!

After all, it’s SO much more than posting some pretty graphics and waiting for the ‘likes’ to flood in.

It’s how you make people feel with what you say, do, and how you do it.

In today’s world, visibility is so important in terms of marketing your business.


Because it helps you…

Yet a lack of visibility and consistent interaction can mean your business may never reach its full potential.

The good news?

It’s never too late to become the person you want to be and run the business of your dreams.

And that’s exactly why the Blossom and Bloom package is just for you!
What you get:
What we can cover:
This is for you if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur but you…
Look, I get it.

It can be a real struggle to stay consistent with your content.

Maybe you’re fearful to get in front of the camera and get visible. Maybe you’re pulling your hair out with the tech side of things. (Reels anyone?!) Or maybe you need help with your overall content strategy and feel overwhelmed with the algorithm and knowing what insights to track.

You might love your business, but if it’s not creating the impact you desire, something isn’t working.

But the thing is, you don’t need more followers to sell effectively online. Believe me when I say you CAN deliver from your heart, take consistent bookings, and have the freedom to run your business on your terms.

It’s all possible for you. All with the help of social media – and me!

Why me?

Hi, I’m Sonali. Graphic Designer, Instagram marketer, and Creator of bold, unique brands for soul-led women in business.

Prior to running Lilac Rose Designs, I was working full time in Marketing and Social Media, together with running a business selling personalised gifts. But I was absolutely exhausted. I worked myself into the ground with little to no reward, alongside juggling life with a 2-year-old.

I completely lost my identity, and it was at that point I knew I needed to make a change.

Coupled with 15 years’ experience across marketing, social media, and product strategy, I invested thousands in courses, coaches, and masterminds, setting out to grow the design business of my dreams.

But then the impact of the pandemic left my confidence at rock-bottom, and I truly got close to the point of calling it quits. I started playing the comparison game and felt completely misaligned with my content strategy and what I was offering.

So, when did it all change?

The day I started to do some serious mindset work.

I’ve gone from shy and not confident, to completely stepping into my power and showing up as my new bold self. And that’s what led me to adding more colours into my branding, switching up my content, and most importantly, SHOWING UP.

And the best part?

In the last year, I’ve trained as a Reiki Master, and have been leaning more and more into my intuition. I’m continually booking out dream clients, and most importantly, I have the freedom to work when I want whilst money consistently flows in!

Showing up on social media as my authentic self and leaning into my spiritual side was the best thing I ever did.

And now?

Well now, I’m being guided to help more women just like you.

It’s time to take back your power, nail your messaging, and watch your business thrive with the power of social media.


But don’t just take my word for it…
Sonali, Thank you for coming into my life and taking me onboard as your client. From the time you worked on my Logo to mentoring me, you have amazed me. You work in a very caring and loving way. When I signed up with your 3 months programme, I knew I was handing over my growth to a person who will care for both my business and myself more than I would. I knew, I will now get the answers and direction that I had been looking for in my business for many years. Anyone out there, who wants help finding their niche or want help in figuring out why they feel stuck, get in touch with Sonali Tank. Sonali, I look forward working with you again 🙂
Sonal Patel
Sonal Patel Photography
I am very happy with the program and I have a much better understanding how Instagram works. I have learned the importance of how to best strategize and that outsourcing is ok and the need to delegate closely. So that the brand's language, content and even colours is aligned. Sonali is very giving and supportive. I loved most her taking the time to review implemented story and feed & caption creation and her valuable feedback on how to even more optimise so that can be implemented on next creations. Thanks Sonali for an amazing program 🙏🧡
Iris Giannoulake
Live Essences

The 90 minute coaching calls take place over Zoom. The sessions will be recorded so you can come back to it whenever you need. You’ll also receive 1 week’s voice and text support via Voxer.

Pretty much anything social media related. So whether that’s mapping out content pillars, creating content ideas, perfecting captions, finding the right hashtags, learning how to use IG stories and reels, finding out what insights to track, learning how to stay consistent, or getting visible, we’ll work together to nail your content, step out of your comfort zone, and truly grow and expand your business. Or if you need help with Canva, we can cover that too.